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5 Perks of Being Tall

October 31, 2018 1 Comment

5 Perks of Being Tall

If you're like me, you probably didn't really notice you were "taller than the average" until you started school. I compared myself to the other kids in class and I felt so awkward because I stood out so much! It wasn't until high school where I really accepted and appreciated my height. If I knew what I know now, back then, I would have been more confident in who I am. Below are just a few reasons why being tall is AWESOME and a BLESSING!


1. Your presence

When you walk into the room, all eyes are on you. You literally own the room.

 runway model


2. You get to eat more!

I'm a foodie :) Food literally makes me happy! Would you believe I wear a size 11/12? Crazy, right?! It definitely doesn't look like it because my weight is spread out over my body. That's the best part, our long bodies can handle gaining weight and people are less likely to notice.



3. You have advantages in sports

I feel like it's stereotypical that every tall person played sports LOL. Even though all of us didn't play sports, tall people are known to be great at it. From basketball, volleyball, football and etc. Having a longer reach gives us an advantage in sports. 


4. More successful

We're considered to be more dominant, intelligent and healthy, we're also more likely to be chosen for competitive jobs. Height reflects greatness and dominant, traits that are important for leadership.


5. The best view

You ever been to a concert and had to stand on your tiptoes? No? Yeah me either! It doesn't matter if were front row or 40 rows in the back we can see over any and everyone. It's the best feeling LOL! In the grocery store we never need help with getting things from the top shelf. Don't you just love your long arms?


Let me know what you love about being tall, I'd love to hear from you!

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January 06, 2019

I love having tall kids (I have four). Not only have I been able to (so far) been able to raise them to celebrate their height, but its so much easier to find them in a store. They are much more independent at earlier ages (switching laundry, getting their own food, etc) because they can reach things easier! So many advantages.

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