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What is the Lights Out collection?

October 02, 2017

What is the Lights Out collection?

Lights Out collection? Why ALL black? Whats the significance behind it? I know these are questions some of you may be wondering. So let me start from the beginning.

Originally, my Fall/Winter line was going to be an extension from my Spring/Summer line. There was no name for it, it was just a collection. I honestly had no clue what I wanted to do and how I wanted the style to look. I prayed and talked to God for about 2 weeks and I asked him for guidance, to give me a name for my new line, and for me to stop second guessing myself. It was the night of my sisters bachelorette  party. We were downtown enjoying the scene. As a designer I like to examine what people are wearing so as I was staring at random peoples outfits the words LIGHTS OUT hit me! 


 I had to sit down and take in those 2 words LIGHTS OUT. When you're in a room and you cut all the lights out its pitch black. So I knew black would be a color in my new collection. I like black and I'm pretty sure a lot of people like black not just because it goes with everything but it also makes you look slimmer. At first, I wanted to make my color using black but with another color; such as red, mustard yellow, and other fall colors. But that didn't represent Lights Out. ALL black represents Lights Out. 


I didn't second guess myself. I stuck with it and I began to envision the garments I wanted to make. I decided on 6 tops and 5 skirts. The pieces are made with different fabrics, some have textures to it and some have lace. During this time I only told 3 people about this collection just to get their thoughts on it and they loved it. It's something different. Black isn't always associated with something negative. It has powerful meanings as well such as Power, Elegance, Sophistication, Formality, Authority and Prestigious. These are the meanings that represents the Lights Out Collection.


I'm excited to share this collection with the world. Its 11 pieces that are different. From casual, to workplace, and to nightlife. It tells a story. 






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