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My First Fashion Show!

October 23, 2017

My First Fashion Show!

So I did my FIRST fashion show! September 30th, I had the opportunity to do the fashion show segment of my good friend Christina Normans 'Yes, I Am A Success!' Women's Empowerment event. I was a nervous wreck because I never spoke in front of a group of people and I had never put together a fashion show. 


 I Am A Success!


The theme of the fashion show was 'I'm A Survivor'. So as I was preparing for the show a few months in advance I was also in the process of finishing up my Fall/Winter line 'Lights Out' Collection. So I came up with the idea to incorporate the 'Lights Out' Collection in the fashion show. So since the theme was 'I'm A Survivor' I wanted to add colors, textures, and tribal prints to represent the survival theme. 




I was really excited sew each piece because each fabric was unique and different in their own way. I used a lot of colorful jacquard double knit prints, colorful tribal prints, and dramatic floral prints. I used 6 models for the show. Each model wore 2 pieces: a top and a skirt. I did fittings before the actual event. I was very pleased because I didn't have to make many adjustments. 



The day of the show I was super nervous as I told you before. But as time went on I felt more comfortable and relaxed. The song the models walked to was Destiny's Child 'I'm A Survivor'. The models makeup matched the theme as well. As each model came down the  runway one by one I explained the garment pieces and the significance of the colors/prints and how it coordinates with 'I'm A Survivor'. 


I was so glad I had the opportunity to be apart of this AMAZING event because it helped prepare me for future events that I will be doing. I'm stepping out of my comfort zone more and more! Its uncomfortable but I like it and I feel like once you start getting out of your comfort zone you will reach a new level in life.




I was also apart of the panel. Each panelist talked about something that we had survived. My survival story was my Junior year in college I became pregnant. I was scared, nervous and all of the above. I had to really grow up and know that I have a little person to put first in life now. I didn't want to become another statistic when a girl gets pregnant in college and drops out. I was DETERMINED to graduated and I did just that. So that was my survival story. 


The overall event was about BEING A SUCCESS. No matter what we have gone through in life or going through now, we are a success. Our past doesn't define us, our failures didn't break us. We SURVIVED! All of our survival stories can help the next person who may be going through something similar that we may have gone through. 




It was an honor to be apart of this event and I thank Mrs. Christina Norman for giving me the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone. She is an amazing author of 2 books; 'Live On Purpose' and 'Succeed On Purpose'. She is also a life coach and speaker! Visit her website to order her books and more at www.CoachChristinaMarie.com.  Follow her social media platforms as well, Instagram: CoachChristinaMarie and Facebook: Coach Christina Marie 


 Rhonda Lynette


Also make sure you purchase some items from the 'Lights Out' Collection http://bit.ly/Lights-Out-Collection. Stay tuned for some exclusive new pieces that will be available soon!




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