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Men's Spring/Summer Collection 2018

December 18, 2017

Men's Spring/Summer Collection 2018

Hey everyone! So if you are following me on Instagram then you already know this, but if you aren't following me ( you should lol); I'll be doing my first Men's Spring/Summer Collection in 2018. Not too many boutiques cater towards men. So I wanted to do just that! So this is very exciting for me and I can't wait to show off the collection. 



I'm starting off small so I'm only doing about 3 pieces for the men's collection just to test the waters. Majority of my followers/ clients are women so I want to expand and reach men as well ( they need love too lol) So I know you may be thinking what type of men clothing will I be doing?? My first men's collection will be Luxury Streetwear. If you aren't familiar with streetwear it basically consists of ripped jeans, joggers, long shirts, ripped shirts, bomber jackets and etc. So you may have some type of visual of what I will be doing.



I chose streetwear because it's one of my favorite men's style. Streetwear is one of those styles where you can express yourself freely but still be fashionable. The bold graphic tees. ripped jeans, and color block shirts all tell a story. Streetwear is a sub-cultural affair, created for and by a series of skaters, punks, and anti-established kind of guys. It's a style that makes a statement and everyone around you will notice.



So as I'm preparing to finishing up my patterns and starting my samples for this collection I will be taking you all along with me on this journey. Make sure you stay tuned and SUBSCRIBE  and follow me on social media Facebook and Instagram to get all the latest news, Facebook Live videos and Instagram videos about the up and coming men's collection. I can't wait to show the world this collection! 

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