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Hot Item of the Week: Summer Kimono Wrap

July 17, 2019

Hot Item of the Week: Summer Kimono Wrap

Hey tall friends! I know it's been awhile but, it's been a busy productive Summer thus far. If you don't follow me on our social media platforms then you may not know that Rhonda Lynette will be in New York Fashion Week in September! I'm full of emotions and so grateful for this opportunity. The fashion industry tends to forget about tall brands and tall fashion. I'm excited to showcase our tall brand and let the fashion industry know that tall women's brands are needed and that tall women should have more options when it comes to clothing. I will definitely keep you all updated and will make a blog all about NYFW and how everything goes for Rhonda Lynette.

Our hot item of the week is the Summer Kimono Wrap. But, before we talk about this gorgeous piece, let's look at a brief history of the Kimono.

The History Behind the Kimono

History of the Kimono 

Perhaps the most recognizable Japanese article of clothing, the kimono’s humble beginnings date back to over one thousand years ago, during the Heian Period. Although it is no longer an everyday choice, this traditional garb is still worn for special occasions, such as weddings, funerals and tea ceremonies. Discover more about this intricate outfit.

By the Kamakura Period (1185-1333), the kimono had become an everyday clothing choice. Layering came into fashion. It is thought that this is when the traditional Japanese color combinations were born. These colors are usually based on seasons, gender or sometimes on political and family ties. The art of kimono-making grew into a specialized craft during the Edo Period (1603-1868). Some kimono were literal works of art and could cost more than a family home. People would keep their kimono and pass them down to the family.

Kimonos were popular for many reasons, mainly for being versatile. They could easily be layered or altered to suit any season. Heavy silk kimono could be worn in the fall and winter, while the light linen and cotton kimono, known as yukata, could be worn in summer. Yukata are still commonly worn during seasonal summer festivals and fireworks displays (A Brief History of the Japanese Kimono). 


 Kimono Wrap

So, the Summer Kimono Wrap is such a versatile lightweight item that is great for Summer and into Fall. The vibrant floral print is what makes the Kimono Wrap stand out. It can literally be paired with anything. A few customers have even purchased the Kimono Wrap along with the Twill Paper Bag Shorts in both mauve and green. The two makes such a chic vacation look! Even on it's own the Kimono Wrap makes a statement. 

If you are looking for a bathing suit cover up, it's light enough to cover you and wear in the cool breeze. Headed to a concert with your girlfriends? Pair the Kimono with some jean shorts and a basic t-shirt with some cute sandals or flats. Date night with your significant other? Rock the Kimono with a cute blouse and some skinny jeans and top it off with some matching heels and your'e set!

Did we mention that the kimono is long enough to cover your bum? Just in case you want to go run an errand, throw on some leggings, a top and the kimono and your'e ready to head out the door. 2019 has been the year for kimonos, it's literally a statement piece for Summer concerts.  The rayon fabric is lightweight and smooth to the tough. So when you don't want to grab that jacket that may make you hot during the cool evenings, the kimono is an excellent option. 

Celebs in Kimono


Kim K in a Kimono

Celebs have also been rockin' kimonos this Summer as well. If you haven't purchased the Summer Kimono Wrap yet then grab it while it's in stock. Once we sell out, they won't be restocked as we are preparing for our Fall items. Get yours here: Summer Kimono Wrap







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