Exclusive Picks: What's That?

November 13, 2017

Exclusive Picks: What's That?

So Starting this week I'll be having a new section in the SHOP category of my website called Exclusive Picks. Exclusive Picks are items that I have designed outside of the Fall/Winter & Spring/Summer collections. I chose the name Exclusive Picks because I order a limited amount of fabric for the pieces (but by popular demand I may order more fabric). I have a lot of designs that I want to put out there and I don't want to necessarily wait til I have a next collection to show the world my items.


I already have 2 tops that I created outside of the Spring/Summer collection which are the Floral Print Open Back Top and the Off The Shoulder Top. I'm adding 2 Fall/Winter tops this week. I'm really excited about them! I've been into sleeve detailing for a while now so that was my inspiration with these 2 tops.






This top is so comfy! The type of fabric I use for this top is thick ribbed terry fabric, which is perfect for Fall and Winter. The tunic is extra long with long side splits on each side. It can be worn with leggings, high waist jeans, or any way you style it! The flare sleeve gives it a more fun look. I also added a comfy turtleneck. It's extra thick and can be worn up or folded. Remember back in the day when your mama would make you wear turtlenecks to school and you hated it lol?! Turtlenecks have slowly came back in style. The Flare Sleeve Tunic will be available in 2 colors: Burgundy and Gold. 






A light weight sweater made with hacci sweater knit. The front of the sweater crosses over each other providing a v-neck effect. The sleeves are extra wide and are gathered at the wrist. This top can be worn casual or you can dress it up. I love the comfy sleeves it's roomy and the fabric itself is soft. The Crossover Sweater comes in the color Rust. 




Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to be the first to know when these 2 stylish tops will be available this week! Like I said before I order limited fabric for my EXCLUSIVE PICKS items. So be on the look out this week! 

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