Behind The 'Seams': High Waist Shorts

May 23, 2018

Behind The 'Seams': High Waist Shorts

Hey y'all! I've gotten so much feedback from my high waist shorts that I created when I went to the Outer Banks on Mother's Day weekend. As I promised I would show you snippets of how I created these stylish comfortable shorts. As you can see below I made them in a lightweight jean fabric and in floral print. They are a 'spin-off' version of the In the Bag Wide-Leg Pants that I released earlier this Spring. I love high waist anything! I have 2 kids and after having them, my stomach didn't go back flat! So high waist pants, skirts, and shorts are my go to items to hide my tummy. Below are the couple of ways I styled them while at the beach. I wanted to dress simple and comfortable but still be fashionable! I will be making these shorts as a NEW ITEM as well so stay tuned. ** The shorts will not be of the same fabric as the shorts pictured below due to limited fabric in stock that's not reorder-able** 


Floral Print High Waist Shorts


The floral print colors in these shorts are red, orange and navy blue. I love how the shorts are white, they make the floral colors pop out so well. I picked a navy blue fitted shirt to pair with the shorts It gave it a toned down casual look. I wore some comfortable nude sandals to finish the look. Super casual look that's perfect for when you don't want to dress up but still want to stand out.


High Waist Floral Print Shorts


High Waist jean shorts


With the jean shorts I added a dressy crop top that can be worn with a lightweight cardigan or by itself like I have it. The great thing about these high waist shorts is that they are ACTUALLY High waisted! You know how some shorts or pants are labeled high waist, but they stop below the waist (ummmm that's not high waist lol). You can wear these shorts with a crop top and it will look like you’re wearing a regular top. So, I wore one of my favorite lace up sandals in brown with this outfit to tone down the dressy crop top. I love the look, and it's not just for vacation wear, you can wear it anywhere and still look fabulous!


High waist jean shorts


Here is the behind the 'seams' video below:


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