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2018: The Year To Declutter

January 01, 2018 1 Comment

2018: The Year To Declutter

Happy New Year!


 I know we all have had some good, bad, exciting, tragic and etc. moments in 2017. What will you do differently in 2018 that you didn't do in 2017? Personally, I'm tired of the cliche "New year, New Me" saying. Let's actually do something this new year and stick with it!


We all can benefit from this and we can grow from this. Let 2018 be a year of DECLUTTERING! This can be anything from decluttering your mind from negative thoughts and overthinking to even decluttering your house or a particular room to have a refreshing feeling and help you stay in a positive attitude. 



If you need to declutter your mind and mental space here are a few tips for you:

  • Write it down: Get a journal and write down your thoughts and ideas, such as things your'e worried about and your goals. You can also use an app or online tool to help you as well.

  • Let go of the past: We can't change the past. The mistakes, opportunities we've missed, people who have hurt us stays with us because we're human. But we have to let it go because its unhealthy to continue to think about it and ponder on it in your mind daily. Let's commit to removing those thoughts out of our mental cabinets.

  • Limit what goes into our ears: Social media, the news, and TV can play a big role in our ways of thinking. We can limit what goes into our ears and enters our minds. If it's certain things that upset you on social media then take a break from it. Set a limit to how much time you spend on social media and how much time you watch TV.  You have to decide what information is relevant to you and you should only pay attention to the opinions from well regarded people with relevant credentials.

  • Prioritize: We become overwhelmed with long to-do lists. Make a short list of your top priorities and devote to just them.

  •  Meditation: Practicing meditation helps you to slow your breath, quiet your mind, and find peace, it can be beneficial physically, mentally, and emotionally. Meditation reduces anxiety and depression by Meditation:enabling your body to balance its own neurochemical system it also allows you to make better decisions and improve critical thinking and breaks unhealthy habits by helping you detach emotions associated with an action from the action itself.



Decluttering your physical space such as your home or an office space is beneficial. Here are some ways that decluttering helps your lifestyle:


  • It helps relieve stress. When you walk into a clean room or home you have a positive energy and your'e more prone to doing positive things.

  • You can find more time to do fun things such as family outings, game night or etc. 

  • You can breath easier; deep cleaning your home or office removes dust, dirt and all that other gunk that has accumulated over the year or so. 

  • You have more space! When we declutter things we are throwing out unnecessary things that we no longer need which provides more space in our home and office. 



I recently decluttered my sewing room. It took about an entire day to fold fabric, roll fabric, throw out things I didn't need anymore, organize my patterns, and organizing my storage spaces. When I was done It felt so good to finally have a clean uncluttered sewing room. I know where everything is now and it's making me want to sew even more now. So my sewing room was the start of my decluttering process. What will yours be? Let's start 2018 off right and positive and I guarantee it will help change your mindset and attitude. Comment below on what you plan to declutter this year! 


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Tiarra Dunston
Tiarra Dunston

January 01, 2018

Decluttering my home space is a must! I’ve accumulated a lot of unnecessary items over the last few years and will be bundling up to sell and donate. Also, clearing my mental space is a top to do. I have several projects that I want to delve into shortly but it will require tunnel vision to complete most of the work. #ImReady #TunnelVision

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