Tall Girl Faves!

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I’m Rhonda, at 5’9” (I made the cut to be considered tall hahaha!) I understand “tall”. As someone who loves trends and new styles, it’s super hard for me to find jeans and pants that are long enough for my long legs. I have a long torso and broad shoulders as well, so it was even harder finding cute tops that fit me correctly without me pulling at the shoulders and pulling my sleeves down. So, I know if I’m having issues with finding clothes that fit me properly that you beautiful tall women who are 6 foot and taller have problems as well. There is always a plus size section and even petite size sections in department stores and boutiques, but you never see a TALL section for us women. That sucks! Yes, we are a specialty niche, but we want to be included in the latest styles and trends as well. So, with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising and Design I want to make a change and be a voice for tall women. I want to be a brand that makes a difference and change within the fashion and clothing industry.

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